The WOW list #14 – Tips & ideas for creative small businesses

The WOW list #14 - Tips & Recommendation for small businesses by Curly Carrot Digital Marketing

Summer is a whirlwind and Christmas can be chaos, but thankfully there’s October and November, sitting calmly in between the two as if the world is telling you to slow down for a moment and take a deep breath. So listen to it. There is plenty of time.

This month we share tips and ideas to help you stop thinking you don’t have enough time, gain some creative courage and get everything done!


Story Pins are the latest way to share your products, creativity and ideas. Click here for our tips on how to use them and how to create them.


Creative Courage: The Ultimate Tool for Rejection Resilience ~ November 12
Fear of rejection stifles creativity, productivity and joy. In this one day workshop you are taught how to build your resilience around rejection, allowing you to keep bringing new ideas to the table, going for what you want and innovating in your work.


5 Ways to Grow Your Product Business
In this episode from the Product Boss they go over 5 ways to grow – and where to look for opportunities as you think about your business for the future.

Ted Talk

Programming your mind for success
We love this Ted talk from straight-talking British founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association Carrie Green.
People are missing out on incredible opportunities all of the time because of what’s going on in their head, they are making bad decisions based off of a really bad frame of mind. Success is no accident; living an incredible life is no accident. You have to do it on purpose, and it starts by knowing exactly what it is that you want to achieve.”


Bound By Hand – Susan Green is an artisan bookbinder and has more than a decade’s experience working with individual and corporate clients across the world. She is passionate about excellence in craft and bringing traditional skills to a wider audience. Susan offers either a bespoke service which allows you to commission a personalised book or you can buy from her ready to ship collection of leather Wedding Guest Books, Memory Books, Journals and Artist’s Sketchbooks here.

Pinterest Tip 

Mastering Tailwind for Pinterest

The key to Pinterest for business success is the Pinterest scheduler TAILWIND. If you have had a go and not got any further as it feels like another thing to learn then watch this 10-minute video and get started!
We promise you it will free up time so you only have to work on Pinterest once a week to see results!

SIGN UP FOR TAILWIND HERE (*this is an affiliate link)

Pinterest Account

Jules Hogan Handcrafted British Knitwear – An evolving timeless collection of fashion and home accessories. Jules Hogan is a knitwear designer for people who like to make a quiet statement. Jules works from her garden studio and creative haven which is based in Berkshire near to countryside and open fields. We love how she reflects her inspirations for her beautiful work in her Pinterest boards, for example ‘fair isle’ and ‘botanical dyes’.

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