Pinterest Story Pins - How to use and create Pinterest Story Pins by Curly Carrot

How To Use Pinterest Story Pins

What are Pinterest Story Pins?

Story Pins and are the latest way to share your products, creativity and ideas and they are only available to business accounts in the UK.
Story Pins are very similar to Instagram stories. The difference is in Instagram Stories there is just one frame to tell one complete story you can then tell another straight away but not it the same ‘story’ frame. Also you can only add a link when you have 10k+ followers. On Pinterest the ‘Story Pin’ is one Pin and you have 2-20 frames to tell your story , with text and links on each one. It needs to be one complete story you can’t jump from one subject to another.

How do I use Pinterest Story Pins?

This is the perfect tool to bring your products and services to life.

Here are some examples of how you can use Story Pins:

  • A detailed recipe with step-by-step images
  • A guide to all your products in a new collection with text notes to explain each one and a seperate link to each product. Click here for an example of this from Lewes Map Store –
    Organic, 100% Natural & Eco-Friendly Skincare Handmade in the UK
  • A ‘how to’ create something with detailed notes to match each image.

How do I create a Pinterest Story Pin?

On Mobile

1. Grab your mobile phone, go to the App Store, and update your Pinterest app to the most recent version

2. Open the Pinterest app and tap “+”, then tap “Story Pin”

3. Choose a cover image and add a clear title (up to 100 characters). This is your Story Pin’s cover page, and is what people will see in their Pinterest home (smart) feed.

4. Add images (900 x 1600 px) , video and text pages to your Story Pin up to 20 pages.

5. Each page can have a text drawer where you’re able to add a page title, page description and page link to provide context for your Story Pin.

6. Review your story and click publish!

You can also create Story Pins on desktop. From your browser, click on the red plus button in the upper right corner. Then click “Create Story Pin”.

Is it worth using Story Pins?

This is a new feature and we feel Pinterest always rewards Pinners who use the new stuff they roll out!

Experiment with and without text overlay to see how your saves and clicks compare.

If you feel overwhelmed by another thing to do then just try a Story Pin with 2 frames to start with. It is definitley worth a go because this could really be a tool that works for your type of business.

Story Pin Tips

Inspire action – When picking your Story Pin topic, think about what your readers might be interested in. The best Story Pins inspire people to try something new.

Pick visuals that pop – Use high-quality images and videos that are related to your topic. Vertical images with a 900 x 1600 pixel size or more work best.

Clear text – Keep anything you write clear and relevant. Use keywords to help people find your Story Pin.

Add relevant titles – Use titles and descriptions to help people understand what your photos or videos are about.

Tell a complete story – Story Pins can be between 2 and 20 pages long, but most great Story Pins have at least 5 pages. And don’t skip the details! Add relevant instructions, links, products or locations.

Check out these Story Pins for more ideas