How To Generate Sales This Christmas on Pinterest

How To Generate Sales This Christmas on Pinterest by Curly Carrot Digital Marketing

Christmas on Pinterest

Christmas shopping is well under way on Pinterest. If you’ve been organised you should have started pinning your Christmas content months ago and moved your Christmas boards up to the top.

If you haven’t…don’t panic. You just need to set aside half a day to create some Pins and schedule your Tailwind (*this is an affiliate link).

Remember Pinterest is your friend over this busy period. Once your Pins are created and scheduled to go out you can just leave them to do their work and drive traffic to your website or online shop. No need to engage commenting, liking etc. Christmas on Pinterest is your number one time-saving tool this festive season!

Here are our tips to reach your perfect customer this Christmas

Christmas Shoppers on Pinterest

What type of shopper is your perfect customer? What do they care about? What inspires them? How can you reach them with creative posts?

Check out these six types of festive-season shoppers insights to learn if they are an ‘the early bird’, ‘the traditionalist’, ‘the self-gifter’, ‘the amateur host’, ‘the delivery-first shopper’ or ‘the next-level party planner’. Or maybe all six!

What do your customers want this Christmas

Check out your Audience Insights on Pinterest where you’ll learn what subjects your audience are searching for and saving. You’ll also find information on your audience’s age, gender, location and device use. This will help you to decide which products and services to feature and create gift guides for.

Align your content with Pinterest’s editorial themes

Once you have a better understanding of your audience use Pinterest’s latest editorial themes that they are promoting to inspire your content. Join the monthly Pinterest ‘Create to Inspire UK’ board for your chance to be featured.

>> Check out monthly themes here 

Ensure your Pins are mobile friendly

80% of Pinners use the Pinterest mobile app. Remember your designs need to be vertical (2:3 aspect ratio). Make sure your font size and copy is legible on small screens.

Include text overlay in your Pins

Pins that include a text overlay description on an image tend to see an increase in sales over Pins that contain just an image. This will make it quicker and easier for Pinterest users to understand your product’s unique features this Christmas.

Use Idea Pins

Try out an Idea Pin to showcase a product range. They work brilliant for gift guides too.

More Pinterest Help

Check out our Pinterest For Business Online Course, One-To-One Pinterest Coaching and Free Recourses that show you why Pinterest works and how to implement an effective strategy.

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