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The Stats

More than 250 million people use Pinterest every month.
»40% growth since last year.
»70% women
»30% men
»male users have increased by 50%
»75% of new signups, come from outside the U.S. Yes us Brits are using Pinterest too!

There is a HUGE opportunity for business owners to use Pinterest in their marketing toolbox and drive traffic with Pinterest.

The first thing to understand is Pinterest isn’t a social media platform. The pressure is off with Pinterest – you don’t need lots of followers, likes or comments to get results. There’s a lot of noise out there and it’s hard for a small business to stand out and be heard.
Pinterest is the antidote offering a purposeful, alternative way to market your business. It cuts through all the noise and slowly and surely helps your business to grow while you spend your time creating and managing your business.

How Does Pinterest Drive Traffic

Each image (Pin) you upload to your Pinterest boards or Pin from your website/blog/online shop has a direct link to your blogpost or product page on your website. The average pin is repinned 11 times. 80% of all pins are repins and it takes a pin 3.5 months to get 50% of its engagement. If you have created a beautiful, eye-catching Pin with a keyword rich description you will be in the mix too and saved onto people’s boards. No work to be done then for people to discover you. Pinterest is doing it for you! and Pins can last for months..years and continue to drive traffic to your website or online store over and over….you too can drive traffic with Pinterest

Copy of How Does Pinterest Drive Traffic The basics check list to get you started

Pinterest is a visual search engine.

Just like Google but when you type in what you want to find in search you come up with images to choose from instead of text. People use it to plan, discover and buy! 73% of active Pinners have bought something because they saw it on Pinterest.
The most popular categories to browse are DIY & Craft, Food & Drink, and Home Decor. However, 97% of searches are unbranded, meaning Pinners are open to hearing from niche brands that fit their specific requirements.

Pins are evergreen

One of the most valuable things about Pinterest is the long shelf life of Pins. The average pin is repinned 11 times. 80% of all pins are repins and it takes a pin 3.5 months to get 50% of its engagement. Pins can last for months..years and continue to drive traffic to your website or online store over and over. Compared to Instagram who only likes to show the more recent posts rather than posts from a few days or weeks ago — even if the older post had received a lot of engagement. Use Instagram with Pinterest and the beautiful flat lay post you’ve spent hours creating will work for longer. Read more about how to use Pinterest and Instagram together here.

Pinterest is one of the most underutilised and powerful marketing tools out there but you won’t get results if you don’t know how to use it strategically.
So now you understand why Pinterest should be a priority for your business let’s get started:

The Basics

Set up or convert to business profile –
If you have a website, online shop or blog and you want to use Pinterest to help people find you, then you need a business account. There’s no reason not to because it’s free to sign up, and you’ll get access to tools like Analytics and a special Business Profile, enable rich pins, claim your website, claim your Instagram, Etsy, youtube accounts:

Create your profile –

Claim your website –

Claim your Instagram, Etsy, or YouTube account –

Enable Rich Pins

Rich Pins add extra details to pins from your website. They tell Pinterest users what your post is all about before they click through to your website. They include your brand and useful details pulled from the website page the Pin originates. These details stay on the pin when it gets saved.
How to add rich pins –

Create your Pinterest boards with keyword rich, searchable titles and descriptions – Make sure your boards fit with your business product or service. Make those random personal boards secret.

Create Pins

Start pinning – pin your products and services to all the relevant boards you’ve created. Don’t forget to pin from other accounts, articles, websites, blogs and include their content as well as your own.

>> Read more about why pinning other people’s content is a good strategy to grow your business

Use a scheduling tool – save time by scheduling to Pinterest. Your accounts will grow if you pin  
consistly not in bulk.  So if you don’t have time to pin every day TAILWIND is the answer. You then only need to spend time on Pinterest once a week and let tailwind do it for you!


*This an affiliate link. Which means if you start to pay the monthly fee (only $9.99 per month and worth every penny) we will receive a small fee. We recommend Tailwind because we use it and it works! We want you to get results for your business too!


Don’t give up. Pinterest is a “slow burn”. It takes time for your pins to get “seeded” in users’ feeds. A typical business owner with a good, consistent strategy starts seeing results in the form of traffic and/or sales at least 6 months in.


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  • Are you struggling to find time to market your creative business?
  • Are you confused by all the different social media platforms and how they will work for your creative business?
  • Do you want to spend your time creating not marketing?
  • Do you feel intimidated and under pressure to like and comment on social media posts and get more followers?
  • Have you tried Pinterest for business but not found a way to make it work and given up?

Would you like to learn how to spend just an hour a week using Pinterest and get results for your creative business?

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