Meet the Social Pow Wow Team

Meet The Curly Carrot Team

Dörte & Georgie have joined forces to create a digital marketing service to help independent and creative businesses.

Georgie - Social Pow Wow


Georgie has worked in digital marketing since 2012 with a variety of clients including artists, interior designers, hotels, ski chalet companies, festivals and ethical and sustainable brands. Georgie has also run workshops on social media, blogging, SEO and email marketing.

Why I set Up Curly Carrot With Dörte

” I have learnt so much about the world of online marketing since 2012 and working with so many different types of small businesses has offered such different perspectives, challenges and problems to solve.  With my geek wizardry and Dorte’s design expertise I feel together we are in the perfect position to share our experience and knowledge and equip creative, independent businesses with the skills and confidence to grow and develop in this ever changing digital landscape. “
Dote - Social Pow Wow


Dörte is co-owner and manager of an online business called Lewes Map Store set up in 2014 with her partner Malcolm Davis, who illustrated the beautiful map. As well as their Lewes Map collection, they have a beautiful curated selection of authentic and handcrafted gifts from UK designers & makers, including prints, ceramics, homewares, accessories and independent magazines. “My daily routine includes product shots, editing, sourcing new goods and promoting our store on social media.”

Why I’m working with Curly Carrot with Georgie

“I absolutely love working on Lewes Map Store and have learnt so much about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to Social Media Marketing. My Instagram account is the platform I started with and I love the emphasis on beautiful photography. It’s a wonderful way to showcase our products and connect with the lovely, supportive community there. However, it’s Pinterest that has been my biggest surprise.  Georgie and I got together to share Pinterest tips and tricks and I started implementing a Pinterest strategy. I was amazed how much traffic to my website increased after just a few months! It was Pinterest and our successes at driving traffic and sales that motivated us to join forces and show other small businesses how Pinterest could also become their marketing secret weapon!