September – Time to reboot your business!

September - the business new year

Make September a new chapter for your business

September is the business new year. Like January it comes after a period of indulgence but unlike the post-Christmas slump, you’re hopefully not feeling as run down and feel fresh and raring to go. Moving into a new season also helps with a change in mind set. As the traditional beginning of the new school year, September also has connotations of ‘starting anew’. So what better time to set new goals, start what you’ve been putting off and action that much needed marketing strategy that will propel your business forward.

Pinterest Management Packages

So yes  it’s September! Summer was never going to last forever…sadly. Our kids are back to school this week and so are we!

After running our Pinterest Workshops in Lewes for creative business owners we are now busy working on our Pinterest online course…watch this space!

We are also adding marketing services to our website to help your creative business thrive and flourish.
First up…

Monthly Pinterest Management Package

If you are a time poor, creative small business owner who needs and wants to spend time creating, not your marketing strategy then this will definitely work for you!

What’s WOW’d us this month!

At the end of each month we’ll be sending out our regular round up of what has wow’d us.

The WOW list will include our favourite new app, podcast, magazine, book, new Instagram feature, Pinterest tip & more interesting, inspiring and useful bits and bobs that have set us alight during the month!

We love discovering what inspires others, generates ideas and motivates. We love finding out the latest tips and tricks to add to our marketing strategy, help make us more productive and enhance our working day.

We want to share our discoveries with you. Useful and practical advice & info that will add some actionable POW to your business, enhance your life/work balance and help you navigate your working week.

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