How to be productive in the summer by Curly Carrot

How to be productive in the summer and slow down

The schools have finally broken up for the summer! Do you remember how endless and free six weeks of summer felt?
We are aiming to recapture that feeling and fully recharge our batteries by slowing down for summer…guilt free!
Most businesses see a major slow-down during the summer months. Clients and customers go on holiday and new projects and purchases are usually delayed until after the holidays. Use the summer to recharge, relax and recover from the first half of the year. It’s time to unwind and clear your mind. We’ve found the best business ideas come to mind when you are away from it all.
Also just because orders aren’t rolling in doesn’t mean that you can’t be productive (some of the time) Summer is a great time to catch up on projects that you’ve been neglecting or work ahead for the coming months.
Here are our ideas that will help you stay productive while also balancing the extra time with your family.

Work and play in your day

Get up early and get 4-5 hours under your belt and then you have the rest of the day for summer adventures. Or have a lie in and rest, go our for the day and then work for 4 hours in the evening.

It depends on how you prefer to work and when you feel more productive, everyone is different! What really works though is setting aside blocks of time rather than doing bits and bobs over the day. It’s amazing how much you get done if you stay focussed and have a timer on with a start and finish to your work time. Then you can enjoy your play time, guilt free,  knowing you’ve ticked everything off your ‘to do’ list and if you haven’t transferred it over to tomorrow!

Learn a new skill

Summer is the perfect opportunity to add to your toolbox of skills and expertise. Maybe you’ve been wondering about how to use Pinterest effectively for your business, how to put how-to videos on YouTube, or how to boost your website’s Google ranking. Pick one topic to focus on. Find an online course, or a training webinar and get stuck in.



Update your website

A crucial aspect of your business is making sure that you have a stylisg up-to-date website that matches your social nedia channels. This can get overlooked during the chaos of getting orders out or completing other tasks that seem more urgent. The summer can be an excellent opportunity to look over your website page by page to see what needs to be updated or refreshed. Maybe it’s just a matter of adding some recent photos, or maybe your product descriptions need to be updated. You may also have time to focus on a redesign or structure change if you’ve been thinking of one.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Summer can be a time to get creative and bold. Discover new inspiration this summer. Visit a woodland, park, beach, town you’ve never been to before,  go to a festival you’d never consider going to. You never know where your next great idea will come from, so look anywhere and everywhere this summer for inspiration. Here are some suggestions from the National Trust:

Wishing you a wonderful, well-spent summer making memories.

How to be productive in the summer by Curly Carrot | Beach pebbles