Work-Life Balance Tips For Creative Business Owners

Work-Life-Balance for Creative Businesses by Social Pow Wow

As the year comes to an end it is a good time to reflect and dream. Dreaming big and setting goals for the new year can be very useful. It pushes us to be brave enough to really pursue what it is we want from our life and our work. 

However, maybe the real magic happens if you go a little deeper than that. Take a moment to consider how you want your life to feel, instead of just what you want to achieve. 

Set goals for your life and your business that are rooted in your true desires and block out all of the noise telling me how your life and your business should look. 

Start this time of reflection with remembering why you set up your business and how you want it to fit into your life…with balance and harmony.

Here are our work-life balance tips:

Work-Life-Balance Tips by Social Pow Wow

Make time to plan

Block out some time to concentrate on your planning. Start with the goals you have over the year. Key moments in your business. A product launch, an event.  Break it down into quarters and think about what you want to achieve each quarter. Things might change but having a plan in place means it’s less stressful and time-consuming to tweak rather than start again. 

Two heads are better than one. For support and accountability with your business planning, we offer one-to-one coaching packages. We can help you:

  • Define your business and life goals.
  • Come up with the best strategy to suit you and the way you work
  • Action the plan and set up the tools you’ll need to do it!

Work smarter not harder

Being productive doesn’t mean being busy. It’s time to ban ‘busy’! Our lives have become overly hectic and emotionally unstable, filled with anxiety and depression. When did terms like, “I’m so busy”, “There aren’t enough hours in a day”, become acceptable? One overrated myth, especially for women, is that we are good at multitasking. When did that become a thing? Yes, we are multi-taskers and we can juggle. But that doesn’t mean that it’s the right way of doing things! And most importantly this isn’t always good for our well being. How can we be our best selves, when we spread ourselves too thinly. Let’s aim to focus on one thing at a time be it a work task or family time and give it 100% of ourselves.

>> How Social Pow Wow can help:

  • We offer Pinterest Management Packages  ideal for time poor creative business owners
  • Instagram coaching
  • product photography
  • videos to market your product or service  

Prioritise You

As business owners we are prone to forgetting that we are the most important asset in our business. We need to remember to take care of ourselves and meet our own needs. Without a healthy strong self, we can’t really achieve much. Tired and overworked we eventually crumble.

Make self care a priority! 

What do you want more of and what do you want less of next year? More play? More rest? More laughter? More connection? More stability? Less anxiety? Less stress? Less overwhelm? Less nights and weekends spent working?

Here’s our self care wish list for 2019

  • Learn to meditate
  • Practise yoga
  • Practise mindfulness in our everyday. This online course from Susanah Conway is on our ‘to-do’ list and looks the perfect way to start
  • More time outdoors
  • Less time on our phones! 

Transitioning from a hectic busy pace to a more mindful, healthy and happy life is not something that can happen overnight. It’s about making small changes in your life and cultivating good habits. The ones that will serve us and care for us effortlessly.

A new year holds so much POSSIBILITY. 

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