The WOW list #4 – What we loved in December

Social Pow Wow December WOW List

The start of a brand new year!

In the midst of the goal setting and resolution making we are also reflecting on 2018.
The biggest lessons we’ve learned this year.
The experiences and moments that have taught us the most.
The lessons we’ll be taking with us into the next year in work and life.

Our discoveries this month include the tips we’re using to inspire and guide us into 2019!

Our New Year Tip

Prioritise You!
As business owners, we are prone to forgetting that we are the most important asset in our business. We need to remember to take care of ourselves and meet our own needs. Without a healthy strong self, we can’t really achieve much. Tired and overworked we eventually crumble.
Make self care a priority! Read our essential work-life balance tips here

Essential Work-Life balance tips with Social Pow Wow

Our favourite podcast

Courage + Spice ~ The podcast for humans with self-doubt by Sas Petherick. Inspiring conversations about all things self-doubt – including real-life stories and research-led approaches to help you navigate through it.

Our favourite book

Self-Care for the Real World : Practical self-care advice for everyday life ~ Nadia Narain, Katia Narain Phillips
There are so many self-care books out there and this is one favoured by the celebs and we can see why. Practical, achievable steps on looking after yourself, and how you can apply them to your life, wherever you are. It also includes some healthy, easy recipes.

Online selling platform

Folksy ~ showcases the work of UK designers and makers. It is the most popular UK site for handmade products. If one of your goals for 2019 is to sell your products online then Folksy is a good place to start. We have shared our tips on HOW TO USE PINTEREST TO GENERATE MORE SALES IN YOUR FOLKSY SHOP which is definitely worth checking out! 😉

Our favourite online course

Open Your Eyes Susanah Conway ~ Learn how to practise mindfulness in everyday life. Mindfulness helps you slow down, increasing your sense of calm and encouraging mental focus. It’s a 4-week course and registration opens in the spring. We’ll be signing up!

Our favourite app

FIIT~ At the start of a new year we all strive to be healthier and fitter. However, money can be tight after Christmas for gym membership or classes. We’ve been trying out this app since November and love it! Fiit gives you access to on-demand fitness classes led by fitness experts. HIIT, bodyweight training, yoga & more. ‘Fiit for free’ offers enough classes to keep us busy for a while but if we do upgrade it’s only £12 a month!

Our favourite Pinterest tip

Pinterest gives your Instagram posts longevity – once on Pinterest the life of your Instagram post is extended and becomes evergreen. Shared and saved onto countless boards, appreciated and admired again and again. Unlike Instagram, Pinterest isn’t designed to show only the most recently published content, which means that posts from 6 months ago, a year, 2 years and more… can still drive significant traffic to your website and online store.

Read more on how to use Pinterest and Instagram together to market your Creative Business

Our favourite Pinterest account

The Sustainable Edit – Creating a simple and sustainable life and wardrobe. Slow Fashion | Green Beauty | Simple Living  ~ We love the ‘Simplify Life’ board packed with pins offering advice and support to help you start to live a simpler lifestyle

Our Planner recommendations

To plan your 2019 you’ll need a diary or planner. We’ve been using the ‘Dream Plan Do’ planner journal. Dream Plan Do is about creating YOUR journey and making time and space for YOU.

For more diaries to help you nail 2019 check out The Pool Picks

Social Pow Wow book, podcast, recommendations for Creatives from December

We have been planning our 2019 and have so much we want to achieve and fit in! We can’t wait for the new year to begin so we can get cracking! First up we’ll be working on our first online course which we are planning to launch early February.
We are also running group Pinterest workshops in Brighton, Worthing and Lewes in January and February. More info on these coming soon…

This includes SEEK INSPIRE CREATE where we’ll be joining Caroline, editor of 91 Magazine, at her first event of 2019, held in Lewes, East Sussex on 25th February. A creative day out, meeting other like-minded people, visiting three gorgeous indie shops, chatting with the owners, a delicious lunch & two inspiring talks followed by a workshop in a beautiful space.
‘Make Pinterest work for your small business’ – We’ll talk about how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website and generate sales. We’ll be sharing tips and tricks on how to add Pow to your creative business.

We hope you enjoy our recommendations and we’d love to hear yours. Do let us know on Twitter or Instagram what you’ve been reading, listening to and learning!
If you missed our November ‘WOW’ list have a peek here.


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