A Small Business Story To Inspire…

Why did you become a small business owner or decide to work freelance?

Were you made redundant and thought this is my opportunity?
You had a killer business idea you wanted to try out?
Did you move and in your new location decide to give it a go?
Was it a lifestyle choice and you wanted to be your own boss?
There are many reasons.
Why did you become a small business owner - a lifestyle choice

Here is Georgie’s Story

A lifestyle choice

I have worked for myself since 2000. For me it has always been a lifestyle choice. I lived in the French Alps and after 10 years of working in bars and restaurants I felt I had the experience and skills to set something up for myself. Looking back I’m not sure if I was brave or foolhardy but I was in my 20’s and had nothing to lose.

Being a small business owner – the good times!

My motivation was never money but I did want it to work and be a success. Of course there was lots of hard work involved and it wasn’t easy but I was my own boss. I could choose my own hours and be on the mountain skiing which was my passion. The business made enough money to support my lifestyle and there were times when I really was living the dream.

Being a small business owner – the bad times!

That all changed when my children arrived.  Late nights and early mornings no longer fitted my lifestyle and the stress of leading a team and being responsible for paying bills and staff took it’s toll. I was completely burnt out and on my knees. We sold up and moved back to the UK.

A new chapter

I now had an opportunity to reinvent myself.  I knew I still wanted to work for myself but this time it had to be stress free. Working from home with only myself to answer to meant the pressure was off. I had no overheads and felt a sense of freedom and empowerment I hadn’t felt before. It was exciting! I still needed to earn money though and spent hours researching, reading, watching and listening to everything there was to learn about the digital marketing world. I had dabbled with Facebook and Twitter in my own businesses but they were in their infancy. I knew this was the future of marketing. I quickly found enough clients to fill my days and put all my new found knowledge into practice.

Becoming a small business owner - A New Chapter

Where I am now

Of course there is so much more to my story but it is where I am now that I want to concentrate on.
Setting up and running your own business demands a huge commitment but I have learnt how to deal with the pressures and challenges. Where I am now:

  • I have a work-life balance that works for me and my family.
  • I work smarter not harder.
  • I’m not afraid to fail and learn from my mistakes.
  • I give myself a break and don’t strive for perfection.
  • I set my own rules.
  • I take time out. My phone is switched off at dinner and doesn’t go back on until the next morning.
  • I don’t work evenings or weekends unless absolute necessary.
  • I say no to the stuff I don’t want to do and always yes to the stuff I do.
  • I get out in the fresh air every day to clear my head and connect with nature.
  • I make plans so I always have things to look forward to.
  • I do busy but never stress anymore. I struggle to even say the word now!

My life mantra ‘if your life flashes before your eyes make sure it’s worth watching’ may be cheesy it but it keeps me going and I refer to it whenever I start feeling the grind. Working for myself and the freedom it brings has made this mantra possible and although there have been some really tough times I wouldn’t change a thing.

My passion now is to share what I have learnt with other small business owners.  Working with Dörte to equip them with the practical and life skills they need to thrive and flourish.

If you are a small business owner we have a survival guide coming soon…watch this space!

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