Pinterest Tips For Etsy Sellers

Pinterest For Etsy

Pinterest is more likely to impact what people buy than any other social media network because it’s a search engine. 90% of weekly Pinners use Pinterest to search, discover, be inspired and decide what to buy for their home, gifts for loved ones and for themselves! Pinterest is set up to assist you to promote your Etsy store or online shop and send buyers directly to your products in one click!

Use these tips to help you nail your Pinterest strategy and generate sales to your Etsy store or online shop:

tips to help you nail your Pinterest strategy and generate sales to your Etsy store

Use the right size images

Focus on getting more click throughs from Pinterest than followers by using the correct size images. The gallery image size for Etsy is 170 x 135 px. This size doesn’t work well on Pinterest. Pins are organized into columns, so vertical Pins take up more space and stand out more on the Pinterst platform. The ideal size for a vertical Pin is 600px wide x 900px high.

Pinterest optimizes Pins this size. Create images of your products this size specifically for Pinterest and include the URL link to the product when you upload to your Etsy Products Pinterest Board.

Beautiful Product Images

The right size image isn’t enough to entice pinners to click and buy, you also need the perfect photo that showcases your product. Don’t just use images of your product on a table or against a wall/backdrop. Take photos of your products in situ to show potential customers how they will fit into their world. Inspirational flatlays work really well too!

Pin Descriptions 

When someone taps a Pin for a closeup, they’ll also see your description. Remember your objective is to drive click throughs. Use the description copy to tell a story, create intrigue by hinting that there’s more to see on your website and encourage pinners to learn more and click on the pin!  A call to action like “shop” or  “buy” will also encourage people to take the next steps.

Don’t just Pin your products

Think of Pinterest as a lifestyle magazine to showcase your products not a catagloue. Create seasonal, colour, topical Pinterest boards where your products will fit in and work for your perfect customer.

Pin consistently 

There is no set amount of pins you should be adding to your boards but by using an app you can schedule pins to go out every day rather than splurging in an hour. We love Tailwind!

Join ‘Etsy Sellers’ group boards 

Embrace the community!

Pinterest for Etsy Works!

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