Looking for a marketing tool to help your creative small business & independent brand grow?


With so much information, advice and tips on Pinterest out there it can be overwhelming.  It takes time to research, digest and include everything in your already overloaded marketing strategy.

Well, we have done all the hard work for you! This is your one-stop shop for Pinterest help, tips and resources. Clear, actionable steps for you to use to take your small business to the next level. Tips and guidelines that you can implement easily and in a way that won’t take time away from the day to day creating and running of your business.


One-to-one Pinterest Coaching by Curly Carrot


Pinterest for business online course by Curly Carrot


Pinterest account set up and management by Curly Carrot


“I’ve completed the course and found it super useful, and already I’ve more than doubled my monthly unique viewers and am seeing much more traffic to my website! yay!”

Caroline Rowland | Editor of 91 Magazine
Caroline Rowland | Editor of 91 Magazine @91magazine

” This online course was refreshingly achievable and incredibly helpful for getting a comprehensive jumpstart on Pinterest. If you have been meaning to get a handle on Pinterest this is a fantastic place to start. ”

Kathryn Davey | Designer and Natural Dyer
Kathryn Davey | Designer and Natural Dyer @kathryn_davey

“I highly recommend this online course to anyone looking to understand more about Pinterest and how it can help to market your small business. I’ve learnt so much on how to use Pinterest more strategically. It has really helped me focus on my brand!”

Zoë Power | Photographer + Designer
Zoë Power | Photographer + Designer@zoepower

“I would recommend Curly Carrot to any small business, Georgie and Dörte share plenty of practical, achievable advice on how to maximise a potential audience on Pinterest through simple steps and personalised feedback.”

Julia Smith ~ Photographer | Humphrey & Grace
Julia Smith ~ Photographer | Humphrey & Grace @humphreyandgrace

“I found the online Pinterest course so useful and I’m totally amazed that I’m starting to see results so quickly”

 Louise Tilbrook | Knitter, blogger + designer
Louise Tilbrook | Knitter, blogger + designer@louisetilbrookdesigns

“I’ve just signed up to your course. Only two lessons in and I’m already making improvements to my Pinterest feed! Can’t wait to see the rest ? ”

Kayleigh Excell | Kindred Quilting
Kayleigh Excell | Kindred Quilting@kindredquiltingco

“The Pinterest Workshop was delivered in a chilled out, collaborative setting. We were taught the technical ways of Pinterest in a very easy to understand way. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to get under the skin of this app which can offer such good returns on investment. .”

Bex Partridge | Botanical Tales
Bex Partridge | Botanical Tales @botanical_tales

Although I actively embrace all forms of social media for myself and my clients, I have previously only ‘dabbled’ in Pinterest. It was after taking part in one of Dörte’s Pinterest coaching sessions that I truly began to find the love. Understanding that Pinterest is more of a search engine than a social media platform, and creating content that really works and drives traffic has been part of this journey.

Ali Clifford | Incredibusy
Ali Clifford | Incredibusy@incredibusy

“I loved the Pinterest Workshop. It was inspiring, motivating and also really impressive how such a huge subject was tackled so clearly and concisely.”

Chloe Edwards | Seven Sisters’ Spices
Chloe Edwards | Seven Sisters’ Spices@sevensistersspices

Pinterest Tips


Learn how to drive traffic with Pinterest by Curly Carrot Digital Marketing

Learn how to drive traffic with Pinterest

Pinterest is a powerful marketing tool to drive traffic to your website if you know how to use it strategically.
Why Pinterest works - Your questions answered by Curly Carrot Digital Marketing

Why Pinterest?

Take a look why your small business or indie brand needs to include Pinterest in its marketing strategy.
How to use Pinterest & Instagram together to market your small business - Curly Carrot

How to use Pinterest & Instagram together to market your creative small business

Did you know one of the best ways to expand your Instagram audience is with Pinterest? We will show you how.
Pinterest Trends for 2022

Pinterest Predicts 2022

Every year Pinterest reveals the most popular trends months ahead, which helps planning content for your business. For instance, the top future Pinterest trends for the fashion, interior design, wellness and wellbeing, beauty and food industry.
4 Tips to increase Pinterest traffic by Curly Carrot

4 Tips To Increase Your Pinterest Traffic

By implementing our 4 tips and using Pinterest strategically you will see an increase in driving traffic to your website or online shop.
Tips on how to find your ideal customer by Curly Carrot Digital Marketing

Tips on how to find your ideal customer

, ,
Tips on how and where to find your ideal customer. Who is the person that you want most as your customer? And who will most likely buy from you again and again?
Inspiring Pinterest accounts we love | Curly Carrot Digital Marketing

Inspiring Pinterest Accounts We Love & Why We Should Share Their Content

Share other people's content on Pinterest strategically and your perfect customer will find your content too! Here are a few of our favourite inspiring Pinterest accounts.
Pinterest for business online course by Curly Carrot

Creative Online Workshops, Online Events & eBooks

, , ,
Inspiring creative eBooks, online courses, online workshops and free tutorials which have inspired us, including Creative Sessions by 91 Magazine and 'How to naturally dye with avocado stones' - an eBook by Kathryn Davey.
How To Generate Sales This Christmas on Pinterest by Curly Carrot Digital Marketing

Pinterest Podcasts

We have been guests on the following podcasts discussing all things Pinterest for Business!

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