How to use Instagram and Pinterest together for your creative business by Curly Carrot

Updated in April 2020

Pinterest and Instagram are visual platforms

Visual social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram work well for Creative businesses. They are perfect for showcasing your products or services and discovering a community that will buy them. Pinterest and Instagram work best when used together.

Pinterest isn’t really a social media network it’s a search engine and works the same way as Google. By clicking directly on a pin (image) of your product or service you are sent to the product page or article/blogpost to learn more and ultimately buy!

The limitations of Instagram

Instagram is the master of creative visuals, which can inspire potential customers to engage and learn more about your business story. Annoyingly people can’t click on a link directly from an Instagram post (apart from tagged products) so it takes a lot of love, care and time to get to the point where your perfect customer actually buys from you. You can spend hours taking the perfect product shot, then editing to make it stand out on Instagram in the throngs of other beautifully created posts. You then have an instant to post your image and comment like crazy to encourage engagement. By tomorrow it’s gone into the lost world of forgotten Instagram posts.
This can be pretty disheartening after all that hard work!

How Pinterest can give your Instagram posts longevity

Don’t despair though because this is where Pinterest comes in. Once on Pinterest the life of your Instagram post is extended and becomes evergreen. Shared and saved onto countless boards, appreciated and admired again and again. Unlike Instagram, Pinterest isn’t designed to show only the most recently published content, which means that posts from 6 months ago, a year, 2 years and more… can still drive significant traffic to your website, online store and Instagram account. Remember it’s important to think of Pinterest more like a search engine full of beautiful, themed content, rather than a social network.

TIP: Save your Instagram posts on the most relevant board first. Change the title and description if necessary.

Use Pinterest to search for content for your Instagram

Did you know that Pinterest is one of the best places to curate and discover content for your Instagram account? By following Pinterest boards that have a similar style and feel to your Instagram account will give you ideas and inspire you with new ways to create posts for your Instagram feed.

Claim your Instagram account on Pinterest

Pinterest has made it even easier to work with Instagram! You’ll now get attribution on any Pins that originate from your Instagram account, even if someone else did the pinning!
People can click straight through to your Instagram account from the pin that originated from your Instagram and start following you! Claiming your Instagram account on Pinterest also gives you access to analytics with insights into how your content performs. This also works if someone visits your Instagram account and pins it to one of their boards, your Pinterest Analytics will track every action taken on that Pin.

Boost your stats!

You do need to have a business account on Pinterest to claim your Instagram account and access your analytics.
Once you have claimed your Instagram account on Pinterest, Pins from your account will be counted as part of the “monthly viewer” number. And because Pinterest combines all the ways people have interacted with your content across Pinterest, you should see an increase in monthly viewers.
Since Instagram posts have a pretty short lifespan, by claiming your Instagram account on Pinterest and then pinning your Instagram posts you have enabled another way to help drive more traffic and engagement to your Instagram content over a longer period of time.

Pinterest and Instagram are two of the most visual platforms in your marketing toolbox. Use together and they can increase your reach, sales and build stronger connections with your online community.

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