Who Is Your Perfect Customer?

How to find your perfect customer on social media is one of the first things we tackle when we work with creative business owners on their digital marketing strategy. The first thing to think about is who this ideal customer is! (or ‘avatar’ in marketing lingo) Who is the person that you want most as your customer and who will most likely buy from you again and again.

The best way to do this is gather focused, specific information to create your perfect customer id. Think of it like creating a character.

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Occupation
  • Income
  • Location
  • Relationship status
  • Children..ages?
  • Interests..where do they spend their time? what blogs, books, magazines do they read?  what do they watch..listen to? where do they go on holiday? hobbies, sports?
  • Brands they use and buy from
  • What are their values, fears, dreams, aspirations.
  • What motivates them, what are they passionate about.
  • What problem could they solve by buying your product or service?

How To Find Your Perfect Customer?

So now you’ve defined who your perfect customer is you need to find them!

Let’s say you make jewellery that’s inspired by nature.  You want people to see your work and have a visual business so there’s a good chance that you’ll find your customers on the more creative visual platforms like Instagram or Pinterest.

Do some research

Search hashtags on Instagram that your ideal customer would be using, that match their interests. Not ones that describe you. Listen to conversations,  find out what people are talking about, what they want to learn more about, what they care about. If they are talking about handcrafted products, their community being important to them, visits to local markets, craft fairs, their love of nature. These are the people that want to buy from businesses like yours. Now dig deeper. Look at the accounts they visit and hang out. The markets, shops, restaurants, events and see who is following them. You are now discovering more potential customers who appear to share the values of your ideal customer.

Action your research

Make a collection on Instagram. Save these potential customers you’ve discovered so you can check in regularly and join in conversations and respond to questions. Don’t start bombarding them with your product/service info or you’ll quickly lose any hope you had of building relationships and creating a community. Do become a trusted expert and authority on your topic.

Create Pinterest boards that your perfect customer will love that are about their interests.  This gives them another way to find you. Your jewellery is inspired by nature so build a board about nature. Your perfect customer will probably be into fashion if they like jewellery so create a board of handmade clothes that your jewellery will compliment in beautiful, nature inspired muted colours. Your perfect customer loves glamping so create a board of beautiful campsites in wild places. 250 million people now use Pinterest every month and 80% of new signups—come from outside the United States. There is SO much potential here! 

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