4 tips to increase Pinterest traffic by Curly Carrot

4 Tips To Increase Your Pinterest Traffic

Pinterest is without a doubt one of the best and easiest ways to increase traffic to your website and grow your online audience.

Pinterest is the only social media channel where your posts live forever and it needs to be treated like a search engine, not a social media network. If your Pins are popular they will keep coming up over and over again in user’s Pinterest smart feed when they are searching.

By using Pinterest strategically you will see a surge of traffic to your website.

Implement these 4 tips and to increase your Pinterest traffic. Pinterest will become your most powerful marketing tool!

1. Create a profile that attracts your perfect customer or client

  • A brief bio that explains what you sell
  • A profile photo
  • Keywords in your profile name.

By using the RIGHT keywords and information in your Pinterest profile and including a clear photo of you or your business logo you ensure that the RIGHT person visits your Pinterest account and that they have a look around.

You may have a small Pinterest following now but there could be hundreds of people viewing your profile each month. The aim is for those people to see your profile, immediately resonate with what you do, and follow you.

Example of Pinterest profile

2. Create valuable boards that your perfect customer/client want to follow.

It’s time to think a little deeper about your perfect customer and what else they are into that is related to your business and will lead them to your business. This blogpost on –how to find your perfect customer – will help.
Remove any boards that are irrelevant to your ideal customer and add new boards that they could be searching for. For example, if you sell jewellery then create fashion boards too to show what to wear with your jewellery.

The more valuable content you pin, the more likely your pins will end up in front of your perfect customer or client. Don’t forget to add keyword rich descriptions to your boards!

3. Add keyword descriptions to your pins.

Your Pins are the doorway for people to discover your business, so you need to get this right!
It’s really important that every Pin you share from YOUR website or online shop has a keyword-rich description.
If needed it’s good practice to tweak descriptions of all Pins that you save so they include a few of the keywords that represent your business. However, this is not where you want to be spending your time so keep it short and simple.
Keyword rich descriptions for YOUR own content is ESSENTIAL.
People use search engines, including Pinterest, to help solve specific problems. So rather than general words uses phrases and questions people would type into search to find your product or service.
Include a few hashtags so that your Pins appear in chronological order if people use them to search. Not too popular but hashtags that describe the Pin accurately. It’s a good idea to include your brand name to each of your own Pins too ie. #curlycarrot so people can click to see all Pins specifically from you.

Once you have a couple of keyword phrases, create a natural description that invites the reader to click through to learn more!

Here’s an example:

“Looking for ideas for sustainable gift ideas for men? Check out my gift guide to help you find the perfect gift for a father, husband, uncle, brother or friend. Unique sustainable products handmade in the UK. Click here to learn more” #menstyle #handcrafted #sustainablegifts #madeinbritain

4. Keep people on your website.

The aim is for your Pinterest traffic to stay on your website, have a look around, like what they see and either buy or subscribe to your mailing list so they come back for more.
Ensure the landing page they have clicked through from the Pin is as beautiful and enticing as your Pinterest account and a true reflection of how you want your business to be portrayed.
Add links to related products or blogposts encouraging them to look around your website and find more content.  Include an opt-in box with an offer or download to capture their email and start building a connection further.

Learn more about marketing your business with Pinterest

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